DIY Wedding Day Makeup

The Perfect Wedding Day Makeup

Your wedding day is one of the most important events of your life. And naturally, you need to begin preparing for it long before the big day arrives…

There are countless things you need to take care of… And your makeup for the big day is no doubt among the top of your priorities!

Preparation is The Key

We dream about looking our best as we walk down the aisle. Flawless, blemish free skin is the first step towards being a glowing and glamorous bride…

For this, you need to start tightening up your beauty regime. Daily cleansing, toning and moisturising is a must.  Twice a week, add an mud mask or a face scrub to detox and shine up you skin.

Getting an Expert

Wedding Makeup for the Bride

Meagan putting the final touches on the bride’s hair style.

For the perfect look, get in touch with your makeup artist and book a time to see them. 

It is a must to discuss everything with them… From your wedding colour scheme, wedding dress, wedding location and style to ensure that it will all work in perfect harmony.

Tell them your preferences and allow them to guide you to create the perfect look together.

Decide on your look quite a few weeks before the actual wedding day. Be open to creative, new ideas and try out each of them to determine the style that can best complement your overall look.

Creating Your Own Look

If you choose to do your own make up for your wedding day, we recommend you practice the makeup look you have in mind at least two weeks before your big day.

This allows you to experiment and adjust your look well before time, making the morning of your wedding as stress-free as possible.

These wedding makeup tips will have you looking your absolute best…

Don’t forget to play up the brows! As your photographer clicks away your pose after pose… The most significant feature that will enhance your facial structure in the pictures (apart from your lashes) is..

Your brows!

So, sketch them nicely and bring them out with a good brow pencil, powder or gel, to up your brow game.

Take no risks with your eye-liner… Make an immediate switch to liquid eyeliners. 

Unlike the pencil, the liquid liner will give your eyes a bold statement, and a high definition volume as your photographer snaps away the night.

Opt for the NARS liquid liner in black which offers a flawlessly natural finish.

Embrace the blush with a profound ferocity… It is going to be your greatest friend in helping you look your best in the wedding pictures.

Try Dream Touch blush by Maybelline to get that gleamingly sculpted yet unnoticeable finish on your cheeks and cheekbones.

Work your natural eye-lashes! If you would like an alternative to applying false lashes, you need the MeaganEllise Eyelash Fibre Extension Kit to enhance your natural ones. Made with natural beeswax, the fibre extensions and mascara sealant will give your eyes a long and natural finish.

Lip liner magic… The last one is the most precious of all pearls, and it is a trick from Kim Cattrall in Sex and the City…

Never, and we mean NEVER, forget to nicely dabble your lips in lip liner before applying your lipstick…

Make sure you nicely fill in the upper V and all the outer corners, and then, glide on your lipstick to get a flawless finish.

Mesmerizing Eye Makeup

Wedding Makeup 1

There are so many options for your eye makeup that will look gorgeous on you. The makeup artists at MeaganEllise have put together their most popular and guaranteed to be stunning eye makeup styles for brides.

Don’t forget your bridesmaids, and maybe even the mother of the bride, your whole wedding party has got to look the part!

Romantic & Enchanting with Pale Rose

The pale rose look with rose quartz has emerged as one of the most trending shades. If you want to nail the dewy and enchantingly simple bridal look, this is it!

You can create a stunning look by dabbing brown shimmer in the outer ‘V’ corner of your eyes. Add a pop of soft pale rose to your lids and all that is left now is to enhance your eyes with the MeaganEllise Signature lashes. These will give a romantic, alluring look and open up your eyes.

Voila! Your soft and romantic eye makeup look is ready to be paired off with a pale glossy pink lipstick, pale rose powder blush and a soft golden glow of highlight over the cheekbones.

Shimmer in Pink

Pink shimmer eye shadows are the ultimate go-to wedding glam. Particularly so if your bridesmaids dresses or wedding styling colour palette have hues of rose or pink… Or if you consider yourself a pink lover.

Pink shimmer brings out the best in all paler skin tones. Pair it off with a nude/pale pink lip colour to get a picture perfect combination.

We are absolutely in love with the L’Oreal Infallible eye shadow in amber rush which is so beautiful that you can plan your entire look around it! The DyrandaKate lashes would be perfect to to give your eyelashes a more natural look.

Compliment the pink shimmer with Maybelline lipstick or feast your lips on the Christian Louboutin Beauty Satin Lip Colour in Very Prive.

Dramatic Smokey Eyes

The soft, sultry look of the smokey eye is our absolute favourite. If you really want to play up your eyes on your big day… It just does not get better than smokey eyes.

With smokey eyes, you always need to amp up the drama. You can achieve this with using layer after layer of eye shadow both above and below your eye-lids. We recommend you to indulge in a tad bit of black shimmer…

Lastly, you need the enhanced thickness of the CocoEllise Luxe eyelashes to give your eyes a naturally long, yet soft, finish.

Even though heavy contouring is slowly easing off the scene this year… Contouring out your cheek bones with a lighter bronzer will enhance your natural features and make those cheek bones pop!

You could go for a nude lip… But we would suggest you to be daring and go all out with a red lip in Christian Louboutin’s latest Rouge lipsticks.

Monochromatic Bronze-ness!

MeaganEllise Individual eyelashes 12mm - box open

Shades of bronze artfully mixed with browns create the perfectly glowing bridal look that all girls dream of…

You will need the evenly spaced, full volume individual eyelashes to nail that seamless, natural, long lashed look. A glossy nude lip colour will finish off this bronze eye look.

MeaganEllise xx -

P.S From all of us here at MeaganEllise, best wishes for your wedding day  xx