Best False Lashes For Your Beauty Routine

The Best False Lashes For Your Beauty Routine

I knew there had to be an easier way to cover up my short, hopeless lashes and turn them into long and luscious.

I was so fed up with the stress of strip lashes predictably lifting up halfway through the day, or paranoid that the ends of my lashes were too “fake” and blunt looking.

I mean… I know they’re fake and all. But that doesn’t mean they have to actually look super fake, just cause a girl want’s a little help in the lash department…

Ya know?

Plus, I’m not even going to go into the battle of getting them stuck on before a night out. If you have read my battle with bad lash days, you can only imagine. 😂

I didn’t want this for you either.

This is why I was inspired to create my own line of false lash products. I wanted to create an easier and comfortable way to have longer lashes. And most importantly, take the STRESS out…

And bring the LOVE back into wearing them!

My lash products are designed to be the most comfortable lashes you’ll ever wear. Whether you want to extend your natural lashes with my Eyelash Fibre Extension Kit, or totally change it up with my range of full or individual lashes.

And, if you’re gonna fake it, I want to make sure you know exactly which lash products are right for you!

So I wanted to give you the low down on all my lash products…

How and when I use them in my own beauty routine, so you can easily determine which are the best fit for you! 😘

Eyelash Fibre Extension Kit:

Now, I can’t rave on about how much I love each of my products.. But I love this product… 😂

You’ll find me in this lash kit most days, I have super short lashes naturally, so I love being able to use a mascara to achieve double my natural length in minutes! (I use 2-3 coats.)

To apply these only takes about 2 minutes and is SUPER easy – it’s literally like layering two different mascara’s.

It’s a no brainer glam! 👏

When I’m not using the lash fibres to extend my natural lashes, I’m rocking the mascara by itself underneath my false lashes! It is so moisturising as it has natural beeswax within the mascara mix so it ensures my natural lashes stay healthy and don’t get even shorter, haha.

I don’t recommend using this kit with the fibres underneath your false lashes, as it’s just too full on and not needed!

I also wouldn’t recommend you use this kit if you don’t like a “mascara” look. If you are a little OCD on your lashes being perfectly in line and not really showing the mascara too much on your lashes, stick with your full strip lashes or individuals!

Generally, I find that the “mascara look” I’m talking about, is more relevant for girls who have naturally longer lashes and don’t like to wear much mascara.

Because they have been blessed from birth.

Damn you! 😜


Full Strip Lashes – (Mink Faux Lashes)

These are so much easier and quicker to apply than you think. And the more you use them the quicker you get…

It takes me under 3 minutes to put my full strip lashes on, and that is applying the glue and all. So I would say, if your newer at these lashes – allow up to 5 mins to be safe. Otherwise if your a regular lash user, using my adhesive to go with them, you’ll be running on the less than 3 minute mark like me!

These are quicker than using the Individual lashes, so this option is perfect for when you want to glam up and run out the door!

These lashes are natural enough for day wear, I definitely wear all my styles during the day as well as night. If you are new to falsies and want to play it safe during the day for a really natural look – Pick my ‘DyrandaKate’ Lash style, she is the perfect set of lashes for a downplayed glam day!

Individual Lashes

These babies are super lush and undetectable, but do take a little longer to apply than a full lash set. I use these mainly when i’m going out of an evening or lunching and I have more time to spend on my glam.

In saying that, they take me under 5 minutes to apply. But they are can be a little fiddly to get used to applying the first few times you use them, rather than a full strip.

You will love these over the full strip lashes if you want a band-less lash option that is undetectable. You can also have a lot more fun with these lashes as you can customise your look with the 3 different lengths! 👌

The other fab thing about individual lashes is they can be used as a semi permanent option. Unlike the full strip lashes that need to be taken off before you sleep every night.

To use these as a semi-permanent wear, carefully remove your makeup from around your lashes, leaving them intact. If you decide to keep them on for a full week or longer, you may need to touch up a few lashes here and there in the morning. (If you like to sleep on your face, but generally they stay on really well! Surprisingly!)

I love doing this from time to time – But I also really love to get in and take ALL my makeup off. So after a few days, even though they still look good, I just want to be fresh faced and start all over again! 😂

If your wanting to swap out your permanent extensions, these would be perfect! A total cut of cost and time, plus you will have the flexibility to take them on and off as you please every week or so.



So thats my low down ladies.. As short and sweet as I could make it!

Definitely let me know in the comments below if you would like me to go more in depth about any of the products or if you have any questions about applying lashes, choosing lashes etc.. Anything lash related, I’m your girl! So just let me know, I would love to help you out. 😀 💁🏻


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