Mix And Match Your False Eyelashes - Lash Stacking

Stack ‘em Up, Mix & Match – Make the Most of Your MeaganEllise Eyelashes

If its a dramatic lash look that you’re going for, there’s another way to wear your MeaganEllise falsies…

And that is to stack them up by wearing two sets of lashes at a time. Below are some tips and suggestions on stacking up and working those lashes!

Our Stacking Favourites

MeaganEllise Signature + StephanieJune

Meagan Wearing False Eyelashes Stacked

Meagan wearing MeaganEllise Signature & Stephanie June Lashes

Cut your StephanieJune 3/4 length lashes in two and apply the longer half to the outer corner of your lash line.

Once your lashes are secure, apply a full set of MeaganEllise Signature lashes on top of your StephanieJunes… This time applying them by starting at the inner corner of your lash line.

Carefully pinching your lashes together with your fingertips will help to secure and blend your lashes seamlessly.

DyrandaKate + StephanieJune

For a more subtle look, take the shorter half of your StephanieJune 3/4 length lashes and combine these with either a set of MeganJane false eyelashes, or DyrandaKates.

StephanieJune + Individual Lash Blend

Meagan wearing Stephanie June and Individual eyelashes

Meagan wearing Stephanie June and Individual eyelashes

For a soft, but long lash look, combine your StephanieJune 3/4 length lashes with a set of individual lashes. Though applying individual falsies may seem like a feat, our individuals, which come in three different sizes, are super easy to apply!

Start by measuring up how much length you’ll need to dedicate to your individuals by holding your StephanieJune 3/4 length lashes up to the outer corner of your eyelid.

Keep in mind how far your StephanieJunes span inwards and start applying your individual lashes outwards from the inner corner of your eyes…

You can do this by carefully sliding your individuals out of their tray with tweezers, dipping your lash in adhesive and placing them in the inner corner of your lash line. Repeat this step until you reach the first quarter of your lash line…

Finish off by applying your StephanieJune 3/4 lashes to the outer corner of your lids.

Not sure which of the three lengths to opt for? Start off with 10mm lashes and switch to 12mm as you span out, for a more natural, blended look.

For a more voluminous look, place your 12mm individuals all the way to the outer corner of your lash line and stack your StephanieJunes on top!

How to Place Individual Lashes

MeaganEllise Individual eyelashes 14mm - box open

MeaganEllise Individual Lashes (14mm)

This is the part where some people struggle, as most of the hard work is done for you with full sets of false lashes…

But stacking individual lashes can give you a wonderfully natural and customised look when done properly!

Soft Glam

For an understated look, start off by placing 10mm individuals to the inner corner of your lash line, stopping when you get to roughly a quarter of the way out. Follow up with 12mm lashes and switch to 14mm ones as you reach the final quarter of your lash line.

Try to keep your lashes approximately 2mm apart for a natural, full coverage look.

Full Glam

Go full on glam by placing an entire set of 14mm lashes, all the way from the inner to the outer corners of your lash line, separating each lash approximately 2mm to 4mm apart.

Open up and Accentuate

To open up your peepers and accentuate your gaze, combine any two sets of individuals, by alternating short and long lashes along your lash line, keeping each individual lash approximately 2mm apart from each other.

This technique will give you a bright, doe-eyed look, by creating a play on lengths along your lash line.

Individual lashes for your bottom lash line

You can create some great looks and further accentuate your eyes by applying individual lashes to your lower lash line. Start off with an application of the MeaganEllise Eyelash Fibre Extension Kit, a three step fibre mascara that will give volume and length to your natural lashes in an instant…

Next, apply 2 to 3 10mm individual lashes to the outer corner of your bottom lash line.

Have you tried out our individual lashes yet? Which of our MeaganEllise sets are your personal favourite?

Leave us a comment below!

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