Clear False Eyelash Adhesive

Eyelash Adhesive – Clear


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The MeaganEllise Eyelash Adhesive in clear is the ideal adhesive to use with your lashes if you are new to the lash game, or simply want to keep your lash routine to minimal concentration! You’ll keep those fake lashes on all day and night, with this quick dry, irritant free, eyelash glue.

Our clear eyelash glue is loved by so many of our customers and lash lovers around the globe! Our holy grail lash glue is a must have, go to product for so many beauty gurus. It is the key to a achieving a flawless look every time with ease.

Our Eyelash Adhesive is so easy to use, and will make wearing fake eyelashes a breeze! Using the built in application brush, you can apply just the right amount of adhesive to your lash base.

Perfect for sensitive eyes, MeaganEllise clear lash glue will keep your eye area free from tears with our non irritant formula, this is essential for your lash glue and false lashes to bond to your skin.

Even though our Adhesive is strong, we have developed it to be extra gentle on the skin and easy to remove. When you are finished with your lash look, pull gently on your false lash to detach the adhesive. If you have any Eyelash Adhesive left on your skin or lashes, it will come of easily with warm water or eye makeup remover.

We strongly recommend the use of MeaganEllise Eyelash Adhesive in clear or black to apply both our Mink Lashes and Individual eyelashes to your eyes.

As all of our MeaganEllise Lashes are re-useable, This eyelash adhesive formula will ensure you are keeping your false lashes in great condition, to then be able to wear them time and time again! Simply pull any excess adhesive gently away from the false lashes base to remove before storing back in their box for safe keeping.

Need help deciding which lash adhesive is the right fit for you? Take a closer look at both of our lash glues in our Lash Adhesive – Clear or Black?‘ blog post to help you decide! Click here to see the post.

Remember: Always apply your faux lashes just above your lash line, never directly on your lashes, this will avoid stress on your natural lashes.

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