My Top 5 False Eyelash Application Hacks

My Top 5 False Eyelash Application Hacks

There’s more than one way to apply your false eyelashes, I have my favourite application method, and I also have a few hacks up my sleeve that I love to use…

I’ll take you through my top 5 ‘hacks’ that you’ll be able incorporate into your lash routine the next time you reach for your falsies…


1. Apply using a small mirror

This one may seem a little obvious… But back in the day – I would always use the standard large mirror for makeup. When it was glam time, you could always find me sitting on the floor, in front of my large mirror, with makeup splayed all around me…

(Tell me I’m not the only one who did this!?)

When I transitioned to using the smaller one for nitty-gritty things like lash application.

Oh my goodness…

Why didn’t anyone tell me to do it sooner. 🙈 Hence the tip!

If you haven’t already, grab yourself a small stand up/swivel mirror. Or if you have a good mirror that is within a compact or palette, you can use that also.

Applying your lashes becomes so much easier when you are able to look down into a mirror instead of being jammed up close and personal to your larger one.

Plus, using a mirror you can actually move around, you have more control. You’ll be able to find the perfect angle that makes it easiest for you to see what your doing!


2. Don’t Curl Your Eyelashes

We all have different lashes naturally. Yours may be really straight, really curly, or somewhere in between! I have somewhere in between, which means if your like me, skip the lash curling all together.


Because my lashes aren’t super straight, applying mascara gives them enough curl to disguise them into the false lashes.

(which is why we lash curl in the first place)…

If I curl my lashes before applying falsies – they just get in my way and I find I’m always lifting them up and around, trying to dodge them.

✱ If your natural lashes need more blending in once you have applied your false lashes, just give them a pinch between your finger and thumb. This will adhere your mascara to the lash to join them together.

Naturally straight lashes, will need to be curled before applying mascara and false lashes. Otherwise they will be too stubborn and will not blend in to your falsies well.

And for the curly lashed girls? I’m sure you would probably know where I am coming from with the whole “they just get in my way and I’m always lifting them up and around, trying to dodge them.” scenario…

In this case, use your lash curler upside down! This will straighten them out a little and make lash applying SO much easier for you.


3. Touch-up With Eyeliner

Whether you usually wear liner or not, sometimes it can be your best friend when falsies are in the picture.

This is for the days where you don’t get the lash band close enough to the inner corner of your eye aaand CBF taking them off to do it again…

Or you’re unable to get it close enough because it stabs you every time you blink! 😩

Grab your eyeliner pen (or gel liner on a brush) and fill in a thin line of black liner from the end of your lash band down to the inner corner of your eye. As well as adding a smidge right into any visible lash line to ensure it blends in seamlessly.


3. Apply Mascara While Waiting For Eyelash Adhesive to dry

This saves time and most importantly…

Your patience!

Lash adhesive needs to become slightly tacky on the lash band before applying. Otherwise it doesn’t have enough stick to adhere to your skin when placing it into position.

When using MeaganEllise Lash Adhesives, 30s – 1min is plenty of time before going in to apply your lash. The right amount of time to apply your mascara while you wait!

I strongly recommend that you use either my clear or black adhesive’s which you can find here. But If your using an alternate brand of lash adhesive, you’ll need to wait up to 2 minutes before applying…

So, this little hack will kill some time while you wait, as you need to be really patient to ensure that your waiting long enough before popping your lash on.


5. Use Black Lash Adhesive

Last, but certainly not least, try using black lash adhesive! I know it sounds a bit scary if you are yet to try it, but you’ll be surprised at how much you love it! Here are a few hacks I love about using my black lash glue:

✔️ If you usually use a small amount of liner to frame your eye – no need anymore! The black lash adhesive adds a small amount of depth to your eye look naturally.

✔️ Blends lash band seamlessly into your eyeliner.

✔️ Really easy and quick to remove glue residue on your lash band. This is because it doesn’t show up much of your foundation and eyeshadow like the clear eyelash glue can. Which makes it much easier to keep them in optimal condition to keep wearing again!


Do you think you’ll convert to black lash adhesive too?

If you haven’t already fallen in love with my beloved quick-dry black lash adhesive, you can find it here. ☺️


Please let me know if the comments below if you enjoyed this post and if you’ll be slipping one or more of these hacks into your lash routine!

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