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Meet Meagan – the founder of MeaganEllise Lashes


 Untitled designFor this month’s blog post… I’d like to introduce myself and give you an insight into my journey through the beauty industry and MeaganEllise Lashes!

Ive pretty much always been a glitter and sparkles, playfully pink girly type girl…

Growing up in Tasmania with three sisters who weren’t as into all things pink as I was, meant that I was often playfully teased for being a major princess…

It was sort of like being a tomboy in a feminine family, only that for me, it was the other way around!

As you can imagine, my fascination with makeup and all things girly led me on a path towards establishing myself in a career in the beauty industry. At the ripe young age of 16, I took on an apprenticeship as a hairdresser. It was then that I knew beauty was for me…

As a hairdresser, I loved nothing more than making other people feel beautiful and confident within themselves, while having the opportunity to develop my skills in a creative role.

Even before the birth of MeaganEllise Lashes, wearing falsies was always my favourite part of my makeup application routine. My lashes are naturally short, so popping on a pair of full, long false lashes leaves me feeling more glam and confident than ever!

Id have to say that false lashes really do make the biggest impact of any cosmetic product Ive ever used, which is why I love them so much. Having worn lash products and extensions for years, I never felt 100% satisfied with the quality of the products Ive purchased in the past…

Either they were uncomfortable.. caused irritation to my eyes… Were difficult to apply, or just didnt sit right! My search for the perfect lash really got me thinking and eventually I decided to experiment and create my own line of false lash products.

I honestly just thought I could do it better!

The first product I launched was the MeaganEllise Eyelash Fibre Extension Kit and from there I expanded my range to include mink false lashes and lash adhesive.

The MeaganEllise brand was created to be fun, playful and girly, but still luxurious and the highest of quality… This is where my pink, white and gold colour scheme comes into play.

Meet Meagan on Instagram

Meet me on Instagram @meagan_meaganellise

I absolutely love to be able to share my love and dedication for eyelashes with you beauties…

Seeing your happy, beautiful faces and hearing your gorgeous words about my lashes, really lights me up and makes my day!

MeaganEllise xx -

P.S. You are no doubt familiar with the lashes Instagram, but to see my personal journey, follow me @meagan_meaganellise

P.P.S.  You now know why I love wearing lashes, comment below on why you love to wear them!

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