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Our Lashes Inspiration: Meet Coco Ellise

The month of March is a very special month for MeaganEllise Lashes… It is the birth month of one of our lash inspirations…

Our MeaganEllise lashes are not named randomly, they represent a personality that actually exists. So who is this Coco Ellise?

As you would expect, to have a lash named after her, she is beautiful!

She is also fun, social and loves to be the center of attention. Coco Ellise loves getting out and about, enjoying the beach, choosing outfits for special occasions and swimming in her pool…

Sounds like the perfect personality to have a pair of lashes named after her, right? Even if she is a dog?? of course! How could anyone resist that face…

Coco with Pink

CocoEllise Luxe mink false eyelashes are fluffy and soft, just like Miss Coco Ellise. The ones to wear to open up your eyes and look absolutely stunning for that special occasion…

MeaganEllise eyelash wearers tell us that they always receive compliments when wearing the CocoEllise Luxe lashes…

When to wear CocoEllise Luxe Lashes?


These false eyelashes made with cruelty free mink fur are lovingly designed by the team at MeaganEllise to have a long, yet soft, feathered finish.

We have received so much great feedback on this particular product, so don’t take our word for it…

This is what Sharleen (@sharmkup) had to say:

Absolutely love these lashes! Could not be easier to apply yourself and so comfortable and lightweight. Perfect for glamming up on the weekend or everyday use! Love these!!!

As you can see, Sharleen recommends that they are great for glamming up! We agree. Wear these lashes with your best outfit on a special occasion or a big night out.

And of course, don’t be shy, wear them everyday! Be bold and start your day with a the length and lustre of CocoEllise mink lashes and you’ll find you have a little extra bounce in your step all day.

Glamorous Can Be Comfortable!

All our lashes are designed to look gorgeous! But we don’t forget that being able to wear them for long periods with ultimate comfort is of up most importance

We are very careful to design eyelashes to be easy to wear, provide maximum comfort and keep your natural eyelashes in good condition. Long luscious lashes don’t need to feel awkward, in our lash range we have achieved both comfort and style, the CocoEllise faux mink lashes are no exception.

Jess, (@jesshelfrich) a make-up artist and one of our lash lovers, was busting to tell us what she thinks of the CocoEllise design:

I am a makeup artist who has tried many lash brands, MeaganEllise lashes are by far my favourite! The lash band is so flexible which makes the lashes very easy to apply and the lashes are very lightweight which makes them very comfortable to wear. I love how fluffy and curly these lashes are, I get compliments every time I wear them xxx

Thanks Jess! It is great to hear that our hard work on this design gives all that we hoped for!

Have you got a pair of CocoEllise Faux Mink Lashes??

Tell us what you think!

Coco Ellise is Social

Coco Ellise is not only the name of one of the most our luscious lashes, she is an up and coming personality… she has been focusing on her Instagram and it is gaining more and more popularity by the day. Our favourite post is the slow motion of her running on the beach, you look so cute Coco!!

You can follow her adventures yourself on Instagram, she is @cocoellise.

MeaganEllise xx -