How to Apply Eyelashes

Are you new to applying eyelashes? Or would you like a few tips?  Our easy to follow instructions have you covered.  Simply choose your MeaganEllise eyelash product from the tabs below to see how to apply and remove your faux lashes.

How to Apply Mink Faux Eyelashes

Placing your MeaganEllise Mink Faux Lashes is easy. Follow these simple instructions for a perfect fit and a long lasting wear.

Step 1

Take your lashes out of their tray gently with your fingers or tweezers. Place above your natural lash line to measure size. If the faux lash is too long, carefully trim the end to fit. Apply mascara to natural lashes.

Step 2

Apply a thin layer of MeaganEllise Eyelash Adhesive along the faux lash baseline. Wait for this to dry slightly until tacky. (approx. 30sec – 1 min)

Step 3

With your fingers or an eyelash applicator, apply your faux lash just above your natural eyelash line. Start by placing your faux lash band in the middle. Gently push the lash down onto your skin, moving towards the outer of your eye, and then the inner.

Ensure you place the faux lashes just above your natural lash line. This will avoid any stress to your natural eyelashes.

Your quality MeaganEllise mink faux lashes are designed to last for up to 25 wears.

Removing Your Eyelashes


Gently pull the faux lashes away from your eyelids, starting from the outer eye. Your faux lashes should come away easily. If you have any adhesive left behind on your skin, gently remove this with warm water or makeup remover. Remove any excess adhesive from your faux lashes by pulling it away gently with tweezers or fingers. Store back in their tray for re-use.

How to Apply Individual Eyelashes

The MeaganEllise individual lashes give you full control of your lash look, and it is so easy!

Step 1

Use tweezers to hold the base of individual lash. In a horizontal motion, slide lashes off the strip they are placed onto.

Step 2

Hold the individual lash by the tips with tweezers, dip the base of lash onto your eyelash adhesive wand to coat with a small amount of adhesive.

Step 3

Attach the lash at the very base of your own lashes. Ensure it is in place before the adhesive dries.

Try mixing and matching the 10mm Individuals, 12mm Individuals and 14mm Individuals to sculpt the lash look you desire, your options are endless!

How to Apply Eyelash Fibre Extension Kit

To instantly thicken and increase your natural eyelash length by up to 300%, the MeaganEllise Eyelash Fibre Extension Kit is perfect!  Apply it in just 3 steps.

Step 1 

Apply the Mascara Adhesive / Sealant to clean dry lashes. As you would your normal mascara (Approx. 20 strokes)

Apply to one eye at a time to ensure best results

Step 2 

Apply the Fibre Extensions to your lashes before the Adhesive / Sealant Mascara dries.  Apply mainly to the ends of your lashes to avoid brushing the fibre extensions too close to your eye. (Approx. 10 strokes)

Step 3

Repeat step 1 by applying another coat of the Mascara. This seals your new extensions in place. Make sure you do this well to avoid the fibres falling onto the cheeks. (Approx. 20 strokes)

Repeat steps 1-3 for ultimate thickness and Length!

Your MeagnEllise Eyelash Extension Kit will last up to 4 Months with daily use.

Removing Your Extensions

Once applied, your mascara is set to last all day andremoval mas night!  To remove just use warm water, or your usual eye makeup remover. Gently stroke your lashes in a downward motion until all the mascara has been easily removed.