The Perfect False Eyelashes For Your Eye Shape-

It’s in the eyes: choosing the perfect eyelashes for your eye shape


We all know the saying…

Your eyes are the windows to your soul…

So why not open up those curtains and accentuate your natural features with a set of MeaganEllise mink false lashes

Each of which have been specially designed to compliment different eye shapes.

But as with most things in life, eyes come in all shapes and sizes, so which ones are a perfect fit for you?

Below we’ve outlined the various eye shapes and sizes. We have made suggestions to help you determine which of our false lashes work best to enhance your natural features…

Enjoy and have fun!

false eyelashes for ROUND EYES
Round eyes

Round eyes appear larger and more open than most other eye shapes. This means understated, yet full lashes are the way forward…

Round eyed ladies should keep it balanced. If you want to embrace and frame your wide eye look, try opting for evenly spread, medium length lashes, with a darker/dense base…

Try accentuating your natural eye curves with our MeganJane falsies. You’ll be glamming up those peepers in no time!

Big eyes

Aren’t you lucky! We bet you get complimented on your big eyes all the time…

Try double stacking any of our MeaganEllise lash styles with our MeaganJane false lashes to add dimension and depth to that beautiful gaze.

Small eyes

All good things come in small packages!

Ladies with small eyes, the best advice we can give you is not to over do it with the falsies as dramatic lashes will only make your eyes look smaller…

Opt for the DyrandaKate set of lashes as their medium length and density will give you a more natural, yet accentuated look.

Meagan & MeaganEllise Signature Lashes

Meagan wearing MeaganEllise Signature Lashes. Meagan’s eye shape is almond and hooded.

Hooded eyes

Naturally sultry, heavy eyelids are associated with Hollywood glamour and seduction.

Open up your eyes with MeaganEllise Signature falsies, as the added length will have you catching glances in no time.

Monolid eyes

The exotic eyes of the East. Monolid eyes lack the creases above the eye that are more commonly found in rounded eye shapes…

False lashes in general help to create prominent creases… However, the DyrandaKate falsies also create the effect of naturally lifted lashes…

The soft incline in length towards the outer eye also helps to open up the eye.

Almond eyes

The eye crush of eye shapes!

Almond eyes are naturally upturned in the outermost corners of the eyes, which creates a youthful appearance.

Ladies, you’re in luck as pretty much any false lash shape compliments your natural features, so go ahead and take your pick..

Whether you’re feeling dramatic, or natural, any of the MeaganEllise lashes will look just perfect on you!

Downturned eyes

Downturned eyes have the opposite effect of perky almond eyes, they can often look tired and aged…

What you want to do is create the opposite effect and lift up the outer corners of your eyes with our DyrandaKate falsies.

The subtle incline in length towards the outer corners of the DyrandaKate lashes will lift your lids and perk up your gaze in an instant.

Deep set eyes

Mysterious and sultry, deep set eyes appear to recede deeply into the eye sockets giving the impression of a dreamy gaze…

Our StephanieJune 3/4 strip false lashes will add glamour and added pop to deep set eyes.

false eyelashes for protruding eyesProtruding eyes

The opposite of deep setters, protruding eyes are often large and extend outwards from the eye socket.

Protruding eyes tend to be the most prominent facial feature and naturally stand out with, or without help from false lashes and makeup…

But you can have an added doe-eyed effect with our ultra-girly MeaganJane lashes…

These lashes will balance out your prominent eyes with their thicker, dense base. which are perfect for daytime glam or special events. 

Wide set eyes

It’s in the name… Wide set eyes are eyes that are set considerably far apart.

Voluminous false lashes, such as our CocoEllise Luxe falsies will help to define your natural eye shape and create the illusion of eyes that are more closely set.

Close set eyes

With close set eyes, the key is to create the illusion of distance between your eyes in order to balance out and open up your natural features…

The trick to doing so is to widen the shape of the eye with false lashes which incline in length in the outer corners of the eyes. This is something our StephanieJune falsies do perfectly.

So there you have it, our guide to making the most of your natural eye shape when wearing MeaganEllise false lashes. Do let us know how you get on with your pair!

MeaganEllise xx -

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