Quick And Easy False Eyelash Application

Quick and Easy False Eyelash Application

I'm sure we can all relate to that feeling of false lash rage setting in when applying false eyelashes... via GIPHY As a false lash lover and wearer for many years, I have had my fair share of application woes!…

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Eyelash Adhesive – Black Or Clear?

Eyelash Adhesive – Black or Clear?

We can all agree when we say that false lashes have changed the makeup game and they complete any makeup look… Whether it’s a natural or full lash look, if you’re one to take your makeup look to the next…

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Meet Meagan – The Founder Of MeaganEllise Lashes

Meet Meagan – the founder of MeaganEllise Lashes

   For this month's blog post... I'd like to introduce myself and give you an insight into my journey through the beauty industry and MeaganEllise Lashes! I’ve pretty much always been a glitter and sparkles, playfully pink girly type girl... Growing…

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