My Battle With Bad Lash Days

My Battle With Bad Lash Days

Ever had a bad lash day or night?

Well of course you have.. I’m sure I’m not only one who has been there!

It’s annoying, embarrassing, and again, super annoying.


So what’s my story?

It was just another regular weekday afternoon at the salon…

Mixing up a masterpiece of a colour for my client.. You know.. cool brown 😂  (Sorry, hairdresser joke)

“Ummm, Meagan… Your fake eyelash is kinda falling off..”

Next minute, I’m out the back of the salon, scrounging around my handbag for my tiny bottle of lash glue…

You know the one you have to keep with you at all times because your lash is bound to come unstuck at some stage? Yup, like I said… Super annoying. 😩


How long was I walking around like this for!? 😳

I finally found it. (It was in the ‘safe place’ of course)

I balanced a mirror on my legs and began the battle to re-stick down my lash that was only just hanging on. AND of course had to fix up the other side that had spring up on the inner corner.

Glamming up to make yourself feel pretty and confident shouldn’t be this frustrating, embarrassing or time consuming.. Am I right? 

That was me 5 years ago…

And I am SO relieved I don’t ever have to worry about those super annoying bad lash days anymore! And no more emergency glue in the handbag. 😉 Yass!

This was a turning point for me with falsies. My very long love/hate relationship with them came to an end, I became falsie sober. 😅

I just knew there had to be a better way, so I began my search for a cure!

Since I launched MeaganEllise, I have been able to help so many girls cure their bad lash days too. Finally false lashes that are easy, comfy, pretty and reliable!

” I absolutely LOVE these lashes!!! These are my first pair of mink lashes and they’re so fluffy!! The lash band is so flexible, making the lashes easy to apply. And the lash glue is absolutely amazing !! Meagan has great customer service, definitely one of the best I’ve encountered in the beauty industry 🙂 will definitely be ordering again ! ” – Kathy

” First off the packaging is super cute and keeps your lashes safe. I put them on to find they were so light weight and soft that I could hardly tell they were there. They were fluffy enough to finish off my eye look and yet didn’t look so big that it took all the attention. They were beautiful and stayed put all night, even through some tears. Love them and will be purchasing more in the future great lashes and very responsive team x ” – Chloe

Do you want to escape your bad lash days too?

Click here to shop my range of false lash products that you can actually rely on to get you through the day and night with confidence! 😍


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P.S. Tell me about your bad lash day/night experience! I love hearing your stories pre MeaganEllise to the rescue, haha. Leave me a comment below! xx