About MeaganEllise

MeaganEllise is Beauty to Empower! We believe that a great set of lashes can make a girl feel on top of the world and equip her with the confidence to conquer anything she desires!

We are an Australian owned and operated eyelash brand based in Brisbane, Australia.  We ship to glam lovers worldwide.

We design our products and have them custom made with only the best materials and ingredients. This gives you luxury quality lashes that last and will keep your natural eyelashes in their best condition. We will always strive to bring you the highest of quality beauty products that have you looking and feeling amazing.

We make comfort and ease a priority in our lash designs. We know all our lashes are comfortable to wear as we tested them on many occasions ourselves! You will be in lust over their long-lasting comfort, among many other reasons!

Our eyelash products are designed to be worn multiple times. Keep them safely stored in their specially deigned box and they will be ready and waiting for your next wear.

We are proudly 100% cruelty free and 100% GLAM!

About The Founder – MeaganEllise

Meagan is a beauty obsessed, hair stylist and makeup artist, living in Brisbane, Australia. She has always been a make-up addict and an avid lash lover.

Over the last 10 years she has worn many different types of eyelash extensions, mascaras and false lashes, you name it, she had tried it! After not being able to find quality products with the perfect look, Meagan was inspired to create her very own line of false eyelashes.

The lash range started with her Eyelash Extension Kit, as popularity grew the range she expanded into more eyelash products, including her Mink Faux Lashes, Individual Lashes, and the unique quick dry Lash Adhesives.

Dedicated to providing you with quality lash products, Meagan and the team at MeaganEllise continue to work behind the scenes to design and create new additions to our current range of lashes and more beauty products to come.